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The idea of Pharma X. Nepal is to create Nepal’s largest medical and FMCG distribution channel for trustworthy and high-quality pharmaceuticals and FMCG products. Pharma X. Nepal aims to develop a robust and efficient distribution network with a passionate and skilled team capable of providing high-quality services to the general public. Pharma X. Nepal uses AI to manage supply chains and ensure availability and safety, and keep our customer informed of the latest advances in medicine.

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360° supply chain management system

Pharma X. Nepal is striving to reinvent the health care sector’s supply chain in Nepal using a variety of strategies, including the use of latest technology, software implementation, and well-trained human resources, among others. To address bottleneck in the supply chain i.e. the inefficient information flow in the system, Pharma X. will place a strong emphasis on researching recent market insights in order to operate more efficiently easing the workload of healthcare professionals and saving them money.

Use of AI for inventory management

Pharma X. employs artificial intelligence (AI) to automate operations such as billing, maintain patient data, tracking competitive costs, managing orders faster, and minimizing client lead times. Pharma X. Nepal’s software will detect inventory shortfalls before it’s too late, allowing the company to preserve long-term client relationships based on trust and reliability in the healthcare ecosystem.

Quick delivery service

Pharma X. Nepal is in a quest to make medicine and FMCG products accessible to everyone in Nepal. Our technology-driven and highly trained delivery team helps to connect networks of healthcare facilities, streamlines service requests between pharmacies, labs and clinics, and ensures professional and reliable delivery of FMCG, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

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